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Step into a world of celebration with us!

In 2023, Le Petit Prince celebrates its 80th anniversary. To commemorate the anniversary of this emblematic work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Sofitel celebrates eleven years of partnership with Le Petit Prince and The Antoine de St Exupéry Youth Foundation.

A class of French students will fly to New York City, where the famous novella was first published. The young students will meet with real New-Yorkers, and expand their horizons, the cultural link in action.

Other lucky participants will take part in a contest on social media to discover for themselves the “city that never sleeps.”

The Sofitel hotels across the world will take on a new appearance, in unison with this initiative. The rose – such an important symbol for Le Petit Prince – will fully bloom, the flush of its petals coloring each establishment. Each guest will be greeted with a delicate paper rose at reception, and will see the flower appearing in pastries, cocktails, and other gourmet treats.

Join us on this magical journey as we unite hearts, minds, and cultures: For every Family offer reservation made, Sofitel will donate €2 to the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. Through these meaningful contributions, we aspire to create a world where dreams and imagination thrive. Together, let’s make every experience at Sofitel a lens to a new world of luxury, where the beauty of Le Petit Prince’s philosophy comes alive.


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"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Sofitel is where experiences abound
And the mysteries are overpowering.
Where, the flowers are ephemeral,
As coquettish as the sunsets are sweet.
Where you can embark on the greatest adventures,
Eyes open to the world, fairly starting out of your head in astonishment.
Where, there is sweetness in the laughter of all the stars
And each landscape more dazzling than the last.
This is not one place, nor forty-four, nor seventy-two,
Nor even a hundred; but a hundred and twenty.
Worlds, planets, asteroids, hotels
Where cultures mingle,
Where youth’s buds burst
Where discovery is perpetual
And the tomorrows are filled with promise.


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